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Apo Reef & Coron Bay

January 28 to February 03, 2017 [5 places remain]
6 night / 5 diving days = U$1410

Start Puerto Galera
Finish: Coron [fly back to Manila]

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Apo Reef is one of the top diving destinations in the Philippines. As the second largest contiguous coral reef in the world, it is home to great coral, large reef fish and masses of turtles. If you have a group of divers and would like a custom made trip, check our last dates for 2016 here and then email us your desired itinerary. If you are just 2 or 3 people, given enough lead time we can usually fill the extra required places for the tour to go ahead [minimum six divers & seven nights].


The Apo Reef Season season runs from October until July when the sea is calm and we are outside of the usual typhoon season. Apo is located to the west of Puerto Galera on the other side of Mindoro. We board MB Rags Two at 1700 in Puerto Galera and you will wake up ready for diving on Apo the next morning. The return trip leaves at 1600 and arrives the next day in Puerto Galera.


wreckSince it is so close to Coron we are combining the wrecks of Coron & Apo Reef on our longer trips. Get the best of both worlds with world class wreck and reef diving all on one trip.We often  visit the Kyokuzan maru and reefs of North Busuanga, as well as Apo reef. On our seven night tours we will spend at least 2 days each on Apo Reef and the wrecks in Coron Bay. The fifth & sixth diving day can either be wrecks or reef.

Our rates include twin share aircon accommodation on-board Rags II , diving, nitrox and drinks [including beer]. Just bring your dive gear [available for rent from our dive center] and c-card and we will take care of the rest

The minimum group size for all expeditions is 6, maximum 8 divers.

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Apo Reef is located about 12 hours from Puerto Galera, off the west coast of Mindoro Island. It is widely regarded as being the equal of Tubbataha reef in the southern Philippines, but is a lot easier and cheaper to reach.

whitetip reef shark with huge school of surgeonfish at
Bahura Cinco, Apo Reef South



Expect to see great corals, lots of turtles and reef sharks and often spectacular visibility. Dive are made around Apo Island with it's dramatic walls that fall away to 70m+. In some sections the wall actually overhangs. The walls are covered in fan corals and don't be surprised to see reef sharks swimming in the depths below you. In the shallows turtles are common and the hard corals are spectacular.

The diving suits all levels of divers. Beginners will still get to dive all of the sites as they all start as shallow as 6m. More experienced and technical divers can explore the deeper waters around the reef, where they are more likely to encounter larger pelagics.

Apo Reef Plus the Wrecks of Coron Bay

Apo Reef is also located half-way between Coron Bay and Puerto Galera. For that reason we offer a combination expedition of diving the wrecks of Coron and the Apo. On the first night we overnight direct to Coron Bay and then during the middle of the tour overnight back to Apo Reef. This combination tour is available for a minimum of six diving days [7 nights]. We recommend 6 days diving as being the ultimate trip. What could be better - wrecks and reef !!

On-board Rags II


Rags II is a purpose built dive boat that has been operating out of Puerto Galera for 10 years. For the past 9 seasons it has been the number one liveaboard operator to Apo Reef. It is our favourite boat for a number of reasons. Keeping the group size at 8 divers is a lot more fun ; the boat manager is both an experienced mariner and also a technical instructor - this means that he knows what divers are after and is flexible in chosing dive sites. Finally - the price is just right ~ if you're thinking that can the boat compare to the regular liveaboard rate of $400 a day or more, the answer is YES. It's great value for money.


cabinThere are four aircon cabins with twin bunks. All cabins have AC, fan and 240 volt outlets for charging lights and cameras

Showers and toilets

There are two hot shower and toilet cabins on the main deck


The main dive platform comfortably can support much more than 8 divers. Divers are made directly from Rags II and are led by the experienced guides on board. The daily rate includes free recreational nitrox [so if you not already certified contact us today to sign up for the SDI eLearning course]. The experienced on-board blender can provide both nitrox and trimix for technical divers. The boat also operates on 240 volt for charging. Usually there are a maximum of four dives a day. Equipment rental is not included in the cost of the liveaboard so please let us know if require equipment, with your size.


Meals are taken in the large upstairs saloon. The cook provides great food and he knows that divers get hungry, so meals tend to be on the big side. Meals are not buffets. You can order from an a-la-carte menu. Unusually for a liveaboard, all drinks are included in the daily rate. Please let us know in advance if you have any special dietary requirements.


The boat carries all required safety equipment such as oxygen, first aid, marine radios, radar, life rafts and a comprehensive emergency plan.

Courses on Board

We offer a range of courses on-board. Study can be done online using eLearning prior to boarding, so pre-dive discussions are brief and the emphasis is on having fun. All divers will benefit from having an ADVANCED rating as well as NITROX. These two courses can be combined and can be completed in just two days. Other courses are DEEP, WRECK and for technical divers ADVANCED WRECK. Contact us for more information about completing courses on-board.

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Technical Expeditions

Both Apo and Coron offer great opportunities for extended range, trimix and advanced wreck divers. We'd highly recommend combining both destinations on a 5~7 night cruise as you will get such a diverse number of dives

tech diver

Apo is home to legendary deep walls that can be dove at almost any depth. Air, nitrox and trimix all all available on aboard. Many reef sharks and the occasional hammerhead hang-out on the deeper dives. On the nearby Merope Reef and Hunter's rock, the walls start at 30m, so while you won't be going too deep you will be entering deco. More sharks and great underwater landscapes.

Coron of course has wrecks. But, on a liveaboard we will be moored on the wrecks and so it is possible to do three deco dives in the day, with large surface intervals between each dive



The first four storage tanks of O2 per trip are free, so on a four or five day safari the only extra charge would be about $50 per person for deco oxygen.

Tech courses - we offer Extended Range, Trimix, Advanced Trimix and Advanced Wreck on-board. Both ER and Trimix can be combined with Advanced Wreck. All courses will require at least two days of training in Puerto Galera before departure. Contact us for prices and availability


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2016 & 2017 Tours dates and sample itineraries

All expeditions start with boarding Rags II at 1700 in Puerto Galera. We can arrange for transport for Manila, as well as diving, courses and accommodation in Puerto Galera both before and after your trip. On regular trip on the final day we return to PG between 0600 and 1330. For the Trip finishing in Coron on Feb 03, 2017 you will need to book a return flight from Busuanga airport [airport code USU - flight ticket is not included in the package price ]

Later arrivals may be necessary if the weather is slightly rough, as we do not round northern Mindoro at night in rough weather. You may schedule a flight for any time after 1800 the same day.

For the 2016 ~ 2017 we have chartered Rags 2 for the following dates and will be on-board to personal guide. We also can book you on other dates through the season [see table below]


  • January 28 to February 03, 2016 - Apo Reef & Coron Bay Six night / five diving days - 5 places remain
  • 2017 - dates to be released in September this yeat

Weather we do not schedule trips during the main typhoon season which is from July to September. In addition early tours in January and February are often scheduled to finish in either Coron or San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. The trip from the boat to the airport is short and easy and you may book an early flight back to Manila. This avoids the rough passage around the north of Mindoro. By March the seas have calmed down and so tours will usually start and finish in Puerto Galera. Please note that bad weather can occur throughout the year. For safety we may need to cancel a trip at the last minute. In such cases there is a full refund less any money transfer expenses. If a tour starts and is cut short due to bad weather there is no refund. We highly recommend that you have full travel insurance to cover cancelled trips and any alternative arrangements. While extremely rare, we do try to re-book diving and accommodation in Puerto Galera

For Groups of 6 or more people we can arrange an expedition to start and finish on any dates (minimum 7 night,6 diving days). The maximum number of divers per trip is 8. Please contact us for more information.

6 night/ 5 diving day Itinerary - U$1410 per person + $50 Apo Park Permit

  • Day 1 -Board boat 1600 in Puerto Galera
  • Day 2, 3 or 4 - Dive Apo Reef
  • Day [4], 5 & 6 - Dive the wrecks of Coron
  • Day 7 - Arrive early am Coron for flights back to Manila from Busuanga airport

7 night/ 6 diving day Itinerary - U$1710 per person + $50 Apo Park Permit

  • Day 1 -Board boat 1700 in Puerto Galera
  • Day 2, 3 & 4 - Dive the Wrecks of Coron
  • Day 5, 6 & 7 - Dive Apo Reef
  • Day 8 - Arrive PG between 0600 and 1230




7 night/ 6 diving day TECHNICAL Itinerary - U$1710 per person + OXYGEN AND HELIUM.[Full dive insurance required]

  • Day 1 -Board boat 1700 in Puerto Galera
  • Day 2 - Coron Bay wreck diving - Nanshin maru and Okikawa Maru
  • Day 3 - Coron Bay wreck diving - Irako and Akitsushima
  • Day 4 - Coron Bay wreck diving - Kogyo and Olympia Maru
  • Day 5 - Coron Bay wreck diving - Irako and Ekkai maru
  • Day 6 - Apo reef and depart for PG at 1600
  • Day 7 - Apo reef
  • Day 8 - arrive PG between 0730 and 1330

Minimum certification level is TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures, or equivalent from another agency. TDI Advanced Wreck is required for technical wreck penetration ~ training will be available on-board.



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Inclusions,exclusions and what to bring



  1. Twin share AC accommodation on board
  2. Daily four dives [no-deco diving]
  3. Tanks and weights - Twin tanks available on all trips
  4. All Nitrox for recreational divers
  5. Meals - please contact us if you have a special diet
  6. Drinks
  7. Tech Tours: The first 4 oxygen delivery tanks per tech trip are free
  8. Guide
  9. Very limited WIFI is available in parts of Coron Bay. There is no wifi or mobile phone coverage on Apo Reef.

Extras - contact us for full details

  1. Equipment rental - please contact us in advance with sizes
  2. Flashlight for night dives plus we highly recommend every diver has a surface marker balloon and whistle
  3. Insurance - all divers are required to have insurance that covers for diving, recompression and evacuation
  4. Apo Reef Marine Park Fee - approximately U$50 in 2016
  5. Oxygen and helium for tech trips - contact us for latest price list
  6. One week full dive insurance is +U$49 [Philippines only], or U$129 for one year platinum world-wide cover. Unlimited depth, rebreathers and mixed gas included.

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What to Bring

Life on-board is very relaxed, so keep the bag small and light

For the boat

  • Light rain jacket
  • Full dive gear including surface marker balloon and whistle
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Sun cream
  • UW camera
  • Informal Dress
  • Land camera for all those great sunsets !
  • Money for souvenir shirts and massage is available on-board by a trained masseuse for P500 / hour.
  • Toiletries
  • Books

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Dive Insurance

dive assure logo

We are an agent for DiveAssure - the largest primary dive insurance in the world. We can offer the following primary insurance cover for all of our trips

Primary insurance cover means that Dave Assure will cover the entire claim and will not need to liase with other insurance cover that you may have. Initial bills are covered by you and Dive Assure reimburses the claim.

Dive Assure Premiums
Type Depth Limit Days Limit Premium
Platinum 1 year None 1 year International - higher limits U$125
Gold 1 year None 1 year International U$99
Basic 1 year None 1 year Philippines Only U$89
Basic 1 week None 1 week Philippines Only U$49
Basic 2 weeks None 2 weeks Philippines Only U$59



Coron & Apo Reef
Nov 27 to Dec 03, 2016

6 night twin share AC accommodation
5 days full meals
all Drinks included
5 days no-deco diving at Apo reef &
Coron Bay
Recreational nitrox fills included


Apo park fee $50
Dive insurance

Equipment rental
Return flight from Busuanga airport 

Equipment rental

DiveAssure insurance

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