Frontier Scuba has established itself as Puerto Galera's most personal dive center. Here everyone dives. We always remember that we're all here to have fun. Our passion for diving is mirrored in our flexible, safe and professional approach to diving

Our guides are all experienced naturalists and like nothing more than helping you to explore the underwater world. Whether you are new to diving, a photographer or experienced Technical diver we are sure that you will have a great time


dive rates

All dives with Frontier Scuba are lead by enthusiastic, experienced guides. Dives are made in small groups from custom built dive boats. We have some of the best diving in Asia with 30 sites within 10 minutes of the dive center.

Below are the single dive rates. Save money by booking more dives. Our discount rates starts at 6 dives or more (less10%) - the more dives that you do, or the larger the group, the more that you save.

All are dives are made on dive computer. We have not included a dive computer in the equipment rental and have listed it separately as most divers already have their own.  Our computers can be set for air or for nitrox.

All rates US Dollars [April 2016, $1 about P46]



Reef diver


Single Dive Rates 
Single Dive with tanks, weights, boat, guide Peso 1200
Full equipment rental (if required)  P250 per dive
P500 per day
Dive Computer P200 per day
Night dive supplement +P350
GoPro Video Hire [bring a USB drive]  P500 a dive
P800 a day
Single Nitrox fill P350
6+ nitrox fills P250
All dives on nitrox [9 or more] P195
Solo Dive*
* Solo Dive: must have a solo diver license. The rate includes pony bottle and back-up regulator, as well as spool & SMB 
Technical dive to 60m [excludes gases and equipment rental] $55
Trimix dive 60m+ [hypoxic] [excludes gases and equipment rental] to 80 meters $70
Peso 0.52 /liter
Peso 2.70 / liter

Save money with a dive package !
Contact us for our 6, 12, 20 and unlimited dive rates on air or nitrox

Dive Times
We dive at least five times daily [0900, 1130, 1430, 1600 and Night]

We all know that diving is safe and easy, but it is a sport. If you haven't considered insurance before then it is well worth having and gives you the peace of mind to fully enjoy your diving.

Frontier Scuba is a partner with Dive Assure - the largest primary dive insurance provider in the world. Chose from a range of plans including one week for U$49, or one year international for U$129 [unlimited depth], Click on the logo below to get more information and sign up with a quick, secure online application

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dive group

Group Size

We prefer to keep groups small, the maximum is 6 divers (of similar ability) with one guide.
All dives are briefed in detail before the dive - the emphasis is on safety and fun !

Our dive center can comfortably accept groups up to 40 divers. For very large groups, divers are split into teams of similar ability with their own boats and guides.

Discount rates apply for groups of six of more divers.

Contact us for a great package rate for your group - packages include resort accommodation, meals, transfers and diving

uw photographer


pygmy seahorse


We have camera tables (wet and dry) and a dedicated wash tank for cameras. We recommend bringing your standard equipment as well as a macro lens. 

We also have a GoPro for hire. Peso 250 per dive or P500 a day. Just bring a USB flash drive to copy your videos [8~16Gb]

Puerto Galera is famous for it's macro sites - pygmy seahorses, mandarinfish, hundreds of species of nudibranches

Don't forget your wide angle lens. The Canyons and Verde Island offer some of the best wide angle sites in the Philippines

Our guides are also photographers. They'll swim very slowly, leave you alone to get your own shots but are available to show you unique fish - let them know what you are after and they will help you to get that perfect shot.

Verde drop off

verde barbecue

Day trips -Verde Island and the Hot Springs

We make day trips several times each week to Verde Island and the Hot Springs. Discover amazing drop offs, underwater hot springs and the wreck site of a Spanish Galleon.

Over on At Chicken Feather Island, why not boil an egg underwater at the Hot Springs! We are the only dive center visiting this divce site on a regular basis. Further afield we have Hibo Reef - great for recreational or technical dives on a wall that starts at 30m and drops to over 90m.

Day trips include boat fees, drinks and a beach barbecue. Ask us to include a day trip in your package, we are sure it will be a highlight of your trip!



divers on apo

Further afield: Dive tours and liveaboards

We regularly lead guided dive tours to Tubbataha reef in the Sulu Sea, the WW2 wrecks of  Coron and Subic Bay , Apo Reef and the Whale Sharks of Donsol. All out tours are fully guided. 

Check out our Destinations page for more information and current tour dates

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Tech diving


We are a SDI / TDI 5 Star Instructor Training facility  - one of the first in the Philippines and with one of only two Advanced Trimix Instructor Trainers in the country.

We offer Nitrox, Sidemount, Advanced Nitrox, Extended Range and Trimix dives down to 100m, as well as TDI technical diving courses up to Advanced Trimix and Advanced Wreck, at both the diver and instructor level.


trimix divers 

F4 phantom

Technical Diving
Tech dive with twins, stage tank, boat and guide to 60m


Trimix dive with twins, stage tank, boat and guide to 80m* U$70
Oxygen P0.52 / liter
Helium P2.70 / liter
Equipment Rental per dive
Full Equipment rental P500
Harness and wing P125
Regulator P100
Signal tube P50
Reel / Spool P50
Bottom timer P100

*Higher rates apply for dives deeper than 80m. Rates include support divers, their gas and longer dive times


All dives are conducted within your certification level, making allowance for environmental conditions, total number of dives at your highest level and also the date of your last dive. All tech divers must have current dive insurance. We recommend Dive Assure [platinum, unlimited depth] Sign up here

Solo Diving - we have sets of pony bottles and regs for the qualified solo diver. Many of our dive sites are suitable for solo divers, depending on the environmental conditions on the day. You must have a solo diver certification - contact us if you are interested in taking the SDI Solo Diver course.

Sidemount Diving - we have sets of rigged tanks and Hollis SMS50 sidemount wings for the qualified sidemount diver. Recreational sidemount dives are no-deco with a time limit of about an hour. If wishing to dive solo you must also have a solo diver certification - contact us if you are interested in taking the SDI Sidemount Diver course.

TDI Technical Courses

We offer the full range of TDI courses up to Advanced Wreck and Advanced Trimix diver using either twins or sidemount tanks. TDI Instructor courses include from Basic Nitrox Instructor all the way up to TDI Extended Range Instructor, TDI Advanced Wreck Instructor and TDI Advanced Trimix instructor. All class fees are full inclusive and are conducted in small groups. For full information go to our courses page

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dive map



poreclain crab


Hole in the wall











tech diver




Dive Sites

With more than 30 recreational dive sites and 20 tech sites, we cannot list them all. But as a taster, have a look at some of the site descriptions below



Dive Sites : For Beginners

Puerto Galera is one of the top dive destinations in the Philippines. Luckily if you are new to diving most of our dive sites are well within your training. Our sites are on slopes and so can be done as a fun, shallow dives. Top sites would include

The Sabang wrecks - three small wrecks at 18m. These have a wealth of fish life and are good for several dives. Batfish, lionfish and moray eels are all common. 10~18m

The Hole In the Wall - a fabulous site of hard and soft corals with schools of fusiliers, snapper and jacks. One of our favourite spots. 10~18m

The Clam Farm - huge giant clams and tiny seahorses make this a wonderful afternoon dive. Popular with photographers it is also a great site for new divers. 10~16m


Dive Sites : For experienced divers

Divers come back time after time to Puerto Galera to experience electric drift dives, deep canyons and fun, shallow macro dives. There are sites to suit every style of diver. There is no need to go deep, but the challenging sites are there if you want them. Check out

The Canyons - three bowls at 28m are just full of larger fish. Snappers, grunts, sweetlips, jacks and giant trevally are all in abundance. When the current is running this is a world class dive and is most diver's favourite site. 28m

Sinadigan Wall - more nudibranches than you have ever seen before and pygmy seahorses make this not just a great wall dive but a macro dive too. A favourite of photographers. 10~40m

Alma Jane - scuttled seven years ago, this steel wreck is now home to a large school of batfish, as well as some big snapper, liofish and stonefish. Good for wide angle photography it makes a great nitrox dive. 30m


Dive Sites : For Photographers

Where can we start ? Puerto Galera is justifiably famous as having the most species diversity in the world. There are hundreds of corals, invertebrates and fish to keep you snapping away for months.

Macro - the Clam Farm, Kilima Steps and Coral Cove are home to seahorses, hundreds of nudibranches, pygmy seahorses, mandarinfish and palette surgeonfish

Wideangle - Verde Island, the Alma Jane Wreck and The Canyons all make fantastic wide subjects. Large schools of fish, colourful hard and soft corals and interesting wrecks

Solo - for the trained solo divers we highly recommend West Escarceo, Monkey beach and Kilima Steps for slow photo dives at your own pace. No need to worry about a buddy or a group. Not solo trained ? If you are an advanced diver with a minimum of 100 logged dives contact us about our SDI Solo Diver course


Dive Sites : For Technical divers

Puerto Galera is the home of technical diving in Asia. Deep dive sites are straight off the beach and they are home to large schools of sweetlips and in the winter, thresher sharks. We guide all of the sites within the limits of your training and recent experience

Sweetlips and Marcus's Cave - this wall runs for 100 meters with several large caves and swim- throughs. There is a large school of sweetlips and often a giant reef ray in the cave. Air/Trimix 46~55m

Verde Island Drop Off - a superb deep wall rising up to 3 meters. What could be more perfect, do all your stops on the wall and no blue water drifting. Air/Nitrox/Trimix 30~80m

Joshua's Wall - twin peaks on a flat bottom. A great dive for schools of barracuda, snapper and sweetlips. An easy site to avoid the currents and a great training site for advanced [hypoxic] trimix. Trimix 65~80m


Dive Sites : Day trips

Some of the best diving we offer is just a short boat ride a way. Magnificent walls on Verde Island and Hibo Reef, the bubbling Hot Springs at Chicken Feather Island and

Verde island - a world class dive site with a wall from 3m to 80m. Hundreds of fish and invertebrate species make this site uniquely different from the typical wall. Second dives can also be done on the drop-off, in the Washing Machine or on the site of a 17th Century Spanish Galleon

The Hot Springs - not deep at just 20m but a truly remarkable site. Hot water and gases bubble out of the ground - so hot that you can boil and egg. The surroundign reef has a nice balance of fish and unusual nudibranches. The second dive is made on some shallow canyons that have some of the best coral life in the area. Don't look for this site advertised by too many other dive sites - unpredictable currents and it's off-shore location make us one of the few shops that can find it !

Hibo Reef - is located about 15km from Sabang. A submerged reef domes out at 18m. From there a gentle slope takes you to a wall starting at 30m. The the wall drops off to 92m - great fish life at the 30~40m level with plenty of surgeonfish, batfish, bannerfish, sweetlips and the reef sharks.





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