Puerto Galera, Philippines; Scuba sites; PADI dive courses; naturalist dives; clownfish Puerto Galera, Philippines, fantastic scuba resort, scuba diving mecca and  great for PADI dive courses
Dive sites of Puerto Galera, Philippines. Manila channel is a great scuba site for underwater photography, superb coral reefs and great calm conditons for PADI course dives
Puerto Galera is one of the top dive destinations in the  Philippines and Asia.  If you are bored of diving areas where there is little variety, or more divers than fish, then Puerto Galera is for you. Yet Puerto Galera remains one of the most easily accessible of dive locations, lying just a few short hours from Manila.

Divers worldwide have heard of Puerto Galera and it's well deserved reputation for excellent diving. In spite of its growing popularity diving here retains much of the the charm, ease and fun that has been lost in many other areas of the world. 

Frontier Scuba's favourite slogan  is "We are not a diving factory". Forget the huge boats packed with divers or the assembly line scuba courses. In Puerto Galera we prefer to keep groups small, personal and fun  



Sabang Beach 

Puerto Galera, Philippines: Sabang beach : PADI and dive resorts: accommodation 

Sabang is home to Frontier Scuba, as well as having many excellent restaurants and dive friendly resorts. Our resort accommodation is quiet and friendly with great sea views over the Verde Island passage.


  Hemingway's Restaurant
Hemingway's Restaurant 


Our dive center is connected to Hemingway's. Follow the cuisine from Cuba to Spain and then France to Italy. The bar is a diver's favourite with cooling Mojitos and jugs of Sangria. 



Sabang and Verde Island

View from Sabang, Puerto Galera dive resorts, across our diveing sites to Verde island and Luzon 


With no roads, just paths along the beach, most transport is by water. An hour by ferry across the Verde Island passage takes you to the main island of Luzon, while a 10 minute boat ride will bring you to white sand beaches or to Puerto Galera.



Puerto Galera

A sleepy day in Puerto Galera: Sun, beer and sleepy afternoons 


Puerto Galera (Port of the Galleys) is a sleepy little town on the other side of a small bay from the beaches. There is a  excavation museum displaying artifacts from the many Spanish Galleons and Chinese junks wrecked in the area.